Sunday, September 26, 2021

What are some good feng shui tips or ways i could use my rose quartz stone to attract true love fast?


  1. there is no such thing in fengshui.
    the only thing that comes close is attracting new people into your life – it does not choose the right person for you. you need to do the choosing yourself.
    and you dont need a rose quartz in fengshui to achieve this. to attract people into your life in 2010 ( as it differs from year to year), is put 4 green living plants in the west most part of your house (not room, even if you live in that 1 room your entire life, must be the west most of the house – use a compass if you’re not sure). the plants must be green and they must be living. when a plant wilts, replace it immediately. you cannot do this technique, if this location is a bathroom or a bedroom. this can complicate your life more if you will do this to a bedroom or a bathroom.

  2. Feng Shui is a complex system of ordering your life by ordering your personal space. Start by locating the compass directions of your home. The West is the direction of romantic feelings, but the Southwest is the direction of family harmony. According to Lillian Too, a cluster of natural quartz crystals is extremely effective in the Southwest of your home for attracting romance. Glass crystals can also be used, especially when they are placed to catch sunlight. Illuminating the crystal is important in any case, and even a crystal chandelier-type lamp turned on for at least 3 hours each day will enhance the romantic aspect.
    Remove any clutter from this area so that it is open and artful. Don’t hang coats or hats there, and don’t dump your keys, books, or other items. If the Southwest part of your home is a bathroom the Feng Shui experts recommend you stop using that bathroom altogether, especially if the toilet is in the Southwest. When Feng Shui was invented no one had bathrooms, and the room is viewed as a drain on resources, whereas Europeans view the bath as revitalizing. You can minimize the bath’s negativity by hanging a five-rod, black-painted, wooden windchime over the toilet, or by placing a full-length mirror on the outside of the door thereby implying the bath doesn’t exist.
    Another thing you should do is make sure your home has a balance between male and female energy. If your art is all sports, hunting, cars, etc. you should balance it with some feminine art, and I don’t mean your Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar. Pairs of objects are considered good for romantic luck. Mandarin ducks, dragons, and fish in pairs are traditional decoration. Below is one link to recommendations on Feng Shui.


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