What are some good deities for faery magick?

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I suppose you already tried the “Lucky Charms” Leprechaun guy.

pumpkin kitty!

what in the world is faery magick?
ah caught ya.
^lotsa stuff.
keep having brain farts O.o

True Colors

no mater how many letters you ad or how lame you make it none of them use any because they don’t exist
so no dietiess use any fareiey magjickq


The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Danu.


maybe you should ask that on another forum like something that has to do with magick.like witchvox.com.


i assume you mean fae or faerie magick rather than, honest mistake though, as far as which deities, i am not sure, i can do some research for you if you like, email me if you want me to, i know lots of people who are knowledgeable in faeries, and i have a few other good sources


Well, Jack kissed Oona after she appeared as Lilly (and scaring the hell out of Brown Tom and ScrewBall in the gamble), and Gump called her a willful sprite which means she’s quite methodical in her deceptions in using faery magick.
I’ll go with Oona hands down.

Labgrrl, CWF

The gods are real, not some interchangeable names you can sprinkle around like so much dollar store potpourri to make you feel magical.
The right deities for any working are those you have a relationship with and to.
If you lack said relationships, then leave them alone.

dana w

I would suggest Danu, a welsh earth Goddess and the mother of the Fey. I find other welsh gods work well also, however that is just a personal preferance


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