What are some good books/resources about witchcraft that don't necessarily involve Wicca?

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I am interested in witchcraft, and I know it is not the same as Wicca. Do those that are interested in witchcraft first have to become knowledgeable about Wicca?

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Barnes and Noble has quite a bit


Put it to you this way. I’m not a Wiccan. I’ve been interested in Witchcraft since my childhood forty years ago. Although I am not a wiccan I can think of NO good books or resources about witchcraft which don’t involve Wicca. While not every Wiccan resource is reliable, the more removed from Wicca they are, the less reliable.
Here is a good starting point on the journey:


Not necessarily. Just look around and learn as much as you can with anything relating to “magick” to get an idea. Took me a fair few years of researching and trying different paths, before finally feeling at home when finding my own. I mainly practice Chaos Magick and elements of Hoodoo.


Silver RavenWolf has some good books. She has attained Wiccan Priesthood, but in her book,To Ride a Silver Broomstick, she writes it for anyone wishing to follow the craft, not as a Wiccan but as a solitary witch, and you may end up following another magical path. I am a solitary witch, not a Wiccan, but I have learned so much from her books..She teaches you the basics, then you go from there.
Blessings to you,


I am Wiccan, a practicing witch, and can see your point. Christopher Penczak has written a whole series devoted to the practice. Begin with The Inner Temple of Witchcraft. Raven Grimassi writes from the perspective of the Strega (Italian witchcraft) although it is somewhat similar to Wicca. Magical Use of Thoughtforms by Ashcroft, Nowicki, & Brennan. As time goes on, I believe that you’ll be finding more and more books dedicated to one without the other.


Wicca is witchcraft with religion included. Wicca is a branch of paganism where witches do spells but get some help from the God and Goddess. They also do rituals to honor them. Just witchcraft is doing spells but with no deity worship involved. So, no, you don’t have to learn wicca to learn witchcraft unless you want to worship the pagan deities as well.


I suggest http://www.molochsorcery.com since Brother Moloch put in some Free Witchcraft Lessons on his website. No, you most certainly don’t have to be knowledgeable about Wicca to do witchcraft, let alone any other form of magic. Also, check the forums at “sacred magick” and
http://www.occultforums.com for advice.


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