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What are some good books to learn self hypnosis?

I have 100$ to drain. I want some books on hypnosis and self hypnosis. I have read all these articles and free ebooks on hypnosis. I am now ready for some good reading material.


  1. I suggest that you first try the following (all free):
    20% of people are highly suggestible; a similar amount moderately so. Around 20% are not suggestible. You could try the free hypnosis weblink, perhaps for memory improvement, to establish which type you are, but keep in mind that an experienced hypnotherapist is well versed in using hypnotic induction techniques, then deepeners: http://www.freehypnosistreatment.com They rely on donations to keep the free service operating, so, if helped, kindly contribute a little. Keep the number of subjects that you address to a maximum of 2, and preferably only 1. Google: “hypnospirals; rotating” & “self hypnosis; induction” & “self hypnosis; deepeners” Try: http://www.hypnosense.com/ Some go along the lines that: “Lie back, and make yourself comfortable. When you are ready, imagine, as vividly as you can, that you go to your closet, or wardrobe, and in the back, hidden behind clothes you notice a recessed handle, indicating a panel, or door, which you decide to investigate. Inside there is darkness, but you can dimly see a light switch, which reveals a long spiral staircase. You are fascinated, and want to know where it leads, so you begin following it down, deeper and deeper, as you do, you find yourself becoming more, and more relaxed, until, at the bottom, you feel very relaxed indeed.
    You see a door, with an old brass handle, and, curious about what is on the other side, you open it, and there are more stairs leading down to a landing, and a cleared space … (here, you may have the choice of a meadow, in a forest, with a faun, and rabbits gambolling, and birds chirping cheerily in the trees nearby, or a beach scene, where there is a hammock strung between 2 coconut palms, which you decide to have a short rest in, after your long descent, and near it a recorder, which you press the button on, and you hear a gentle voice saying, as you relax into that hammock, feeling the warm tropical breeze, and taking in the salty tang of the waves softly lapping the coral sands of the beach, and the voice says … you have become aware recently that you need to deal with your ….. …..
    Make your recording in a soft relaxed, unhurried voice. Ensure that you include instructions to gradually return to normal, waking consciousness at the end, feeling relaxed, refreshed, and alert. It is best to restrict the number of topics addressed to one, or, at the very most, two, at least at first, and perhaps always.
    OLDER POST: Hypnotherapy can help, if you are the suggestible type, or autosuggestion (self hypnosis), using a tape of your own voice giving you instructions. See http://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/ where a series of email articles are available free, and http://www.hypnosense.com/ there are links to 2 hypnospirals, and some very good instructions and deepeners. Also see http://www.uncommonknowledge.com/ and http://www/howstuffworks.com/hypnosis5.htm Always include instructions to return you to normal, waking consciousness at the end. It is a good idea to set an alarm, which is either muffled, or located at a suitable distance, (so as not to startle) for a time somewhat past your planned ending time.

  2. If you have read all the ebooks and everything on the forums then you need a really structured course perhaps. What is your aim? What is your goal?
    I personally use dvd and audio material and follow simple deep breathing techniques.

  3. Self-Hypnosis is really not a big subject. I have yet to come across a book that’s content couldn’t be explained in a page or so.
    If you want to learn to hypnotize others then a fun place to start would be Ormond McGills Stage encyclopedia (link below to my review)
    I have recently put some information on my website including my favorite self-hypnosis technique, along with instructions on how to program your mind during your hypnosis sessions.
    Hopefully these may be of some interest.


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