What are some for sure working lucid dreaming techniques? How to have a perfect lucid dream?

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I need some for sure working techniuques on how to have a perfect well-working lucid dream. Any people who have experience, please give them as well.

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A few times a day, whenever you’re alone, jump into the air. If you’re consistent, doing this daily, in three to four weeks, you’ll have a dream that you’re jumping into the air. But in dreams, we don’t just drop back down to the ground. We float back down. That’s how you’ll know you’re in a dream.


Two words, sensory depravation. It sounds scary because it can be, depending on your state of mind. However, it’s completely safe… it’s a natural way to go on a mind trip.. here’s a video that explains what you go through and how to build a isolation tank to help you

Ye Haha

go to this site and i hop you will fine all


I have tried a couple of things and the thing that worked was:
Every couple hours of every day look at your hand and ask yourself if your dreaming.
Also do it whenever something weird or unexpected happens. When you dream, you might look at your hand and realize that your dreaming.


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