What are some Feng Shui tips for a peaceful environment?

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I have some bad mojo in my apartment… I was wondering some key points of Feng Shui that would help out this problem. I would appreciate any input that relates with Feng Shui.
An example for what I’m looking for is:
+Which directions should things point (North, East, West, South)?
+Which different regions of the room represent each aspects of life?
etc., etc.
(PLEASE; no smart allelic remarks. I’m looking for true and respectful answers.)

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Keep things light and breezy, look up asian design for your home!


simplify. reduce clutter dramatically.create a good feeling flow in your walkways. use natural materials in your decorating. keep a couple plants.

James D

The translation of Fung Shui into english is: How to get Americans to spend money doing crazy stuff to the homes they live in.


I would suggest visiting your library or bookstore & getting a book on feng shui. I have “Feng Shui for Dummies” and it’s a pretty good one. It doesn’t have color photos, tho, so if you need that to help you decorate, then get one that’s more suitable for you.
Secondly, here are some tips from HGTV:
Also, there is a new series starting on HGTV this Friday called “Fun Shui.” It should be good for some pointers, too:


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