What are some famous witch hunts/ witch trials throughout history?

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I need a few for a timeline I’m doing for homework. I have already covered the Salem, Loudon, England, and German witch trials. Any others I should consider?

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Skulls Kaiser

The Blair With Project. haha just kidding
Try looking here, there are some of India, africa, Modern Ancient etc.

Tim M

The greatest Witch Hunt of all time took place during the 1400’s with the publication of the “Melleus Maleficarum” or” WItches Hammer”. It was written by Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Springer and was thought to of been approved by Pope Paul IV but that fact is disputed. It basically gave power to those who suspected woman of being Witches and taking part in satanic rituals. Thousands of woman , some believers in god, where systematicly killed just for being suspicious .

Amethyst Moon

Tim M there is no Satan in the craft!
There is Salem where like most Witch Hunts were merely Puritan fear used by the leaders as fear tactics and dispose of strong, outspoken women and men with property others wanted. Those who were murdered were not Witches usual suspects were mid wives and healers.
Proud Witch and Healer


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