what are some experiences you have had dureing meditation?





chakra being one of the methods


  1. I thought I heard bells and felt a breeze…I was meditating during an extremely difficult time in my life and the breeze brought a sense of calm over me…it was very nice yet I have never been able to induce such a state since then.

  2. I saw my spirit guide, he was at a distance but I have read when he wants to come closer then he will.
    (Some Christians call them guardian angels)

  3. A still mind and a clarity always follows meditation. Afterwards in one session I felt expanded, cleansed of restraints I had brought into the cycle of thought during the past. I used meditation as a grounding mechanism for peace.
    We are what we do most repeatedly, and resting the mind allows you to be peaceful.
    I have plans to work on a book about meditation practices and consciousness (and other things) titled, “Where is it?” You can find many books already written on the subject written by professional mediators and monks.

  4. I just started, and I dont know what i am doing and why. I just sit and try not to think. My worst experience was a panic attack. I was home alone, which I am not used to, and meditated for an hour, a long time for me. It seemed like my brain just shut down. It was so quiet it was scary. I felt wooden, and had a low level panic in the back of my mind. it got worse when I got drunk the next day. If you can help me in any way, I will listen. I dont quite know what to ask. if you know what I should be asking, feel free.

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