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What are some excersises I could do to strengthen the flow of the Reiki I channel?

I am a Reiki II practitioner and have been attuned to Usui Reiki since February of this year 🙂 Let it be clear that i am not asking your opinion on the existence of Reiki, I am asking if anyone has any exercises that help strengthen the energy flow you channel? 😀 Thank you sooo much 🙂
Love Light and Peace:)

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  1. I am a Reiki II also, and I really don’t know that there are any exercises to “strengthen” the energy flow.
    Different people feel it different ways. The energy being received is going to specifically exact for that person. Most of the people I work on feel a very gentle flowing, some say they feel like they are floating. And as a practioner, you are just the channel, so it is not up to you to determine “how strong” the energy flow is.
    To strengthen *yourself* to be more receptive to feeling the auras and the healing needed, you could become more physically fit, eat a vegan diet, and practice yoga and longer periods of meditation. But this won’t strengthen the energy flow, just your ability to feel it and direct it. And of course, the more you practice Reiki, the *better* you are at it!
    Good luck!

  2. Great question, two main things that worked for me:
    1) Practice practice practice.
    2) Tai chi or Chi Gung at least 30 minutes weekly
    also, surrenderring to the energy. Often done through using your affirmation given in level 2 (most people I know were given one but you may not have been). Keep in mind sometimes after a healing you walk away thinking “OMG that was one of the best healings ever!” and the other person says “umm, didn’t notice anything”. And other days you think “well that was nothign special” and your petient says “That was the best i’ve ever had”…So gve the healing and then let go of the outcomes or attachments to it.

  3. Thgere is a natural crystal/gemstone called kyanite.
    It is soft blue with linear lines…
    I find that holding it in proper alignment while doing healing..doubles the reikii powers…
    I have many pieces of it.It is especially helpful in removing energy blockages around the back and neck areas…
    Also aligning your work space near water(*real or fountain) and/or near ther moon also seems to vastly increase ones’ gifts..
    Nurse Andrea

  4. Great, you’re 16 and you’re trying stuff on , trying to figure out who you are. I get it. I will respect your request not to tell you that Rieki is superstitious nonsense. Oops. Maybe you’d better just cover your eyes and ears to avoid any other facts you don’t want to be aware of. That approach works well for a lot of the alties and religious.
    Recognize that a year from now, your Reiki/spiritual/mystical phase will be something you will look back on with embarrassment.

  5. After reading a few of the rude answers here – go figure- I don’t know of specific exercises and i have been attuned to reiki for 12 years.
    It grows with time and experience. You should do self-treatments daily (in the ideal world). The more you use it the more it is there. It doesn’t shut off though, it will always be there.
    Reiki is an individual path too for each practicioner. Some people see other symbols early on in their experience, whereas others never do. Continue to learn about this beautiful gift.

  6. Reiki is a beautiful thing. Use it often and you will become a better and better channel for it to flow through.
    Do self healings daily. Offer healing to the earth and to people and situations where healing may be needed daily, Offer healing to our world leaders and to anyone who is in a position of power over others that they may use their power with lovingkindness and compassion.
    Set the intention that you will bring healing to everything and everyone you touch, for the highest good of all who are willing to receive it.
    Do Reiki on every door you pass through that all others who pass through will receive whatever healing they need.
    Bless your food and drinks and ask for blessings and healing on everyone who contributed in any way to you having that food or drink. Bless the water cooler at work…..
    You have the gift, use it as much as you can, be the change, be the light, live it. It is a beautiful thing.

    • For thousands of years Tibetan monks have diagnosed illness by analyzing the aura. Western medicine laughed at this and denied the existence of any such thing.Than in 1939 Kirlian discovered how to photograph it. Everything is energy…maybe you need to get real!

  7. Practicing as much as possible is the best way to strengthen your channel. Practice on as many different people, animals, and plants as you are able – don’t forget daily self-treatments. The clearer your own energy channels are, the better the Reiki energy will be able to flow through you. And the more you practice, the more your ability to sense and indentify differences in the energy, which will in turn build your confidence further. Also, since it’s like any other exercise routine, the more you practice, the more adept you get.
    To the end of clearing and strengthening you own energy channels, you may also wish to begin a daily program of working with your chakras. I require all my Reiki IIs to begin a chakra practice of some sort, and provide them with some guided meditations to get them started. The stronger and clearer you get your energy flow, and the more Lightenergy that you body can comfortably hold, the more Reiki energy will be able to flow through you. There are all sorts of different methods out there. Again, self-treating is one way, though I would like to see you taking a more conscious/active approach through meditation. If you Google “chakra meditations” you’ll find ALOT out there – surf around and see which one’s you like best. I recommend a program that includes chanting/toning as well as visualization of the colors and energy. Bringing the vibrations of sound in the meditations makes it extremely powerful. My ALL TIME FAVORITE chakra meditation cd (actually you can get it as an instant mp3 download for about $10) is called Chakras Gone Wild by Allen Burns: http://www.metastudies.com/store/product.php?xProd=211
    If you get it (or any other album that includes chanting or toning on the appropriate notes and syllables) make sure to chant/tone along with it as you meditate on the various colors of the chakras. Chakras Gone Wild lasts about 5 minutes on each chakra, so you can do the whole thing in about 35 minutes, and it’s alot of fun and VERY effective. It layers chanting of the sanskrit mantra of each chakra, done in the corresponding musical note, with soundscapes also designed to awaken the chakra. It’s really amazing. I use it all the time, and it’s part of my chakra balancing treatment package that I have for clients.
    Another really amazing way to help “strengthen” your channel is through mindfulness meditation. The largest impediment to your channel is your ego, so the more you can let go and get yourself out of the way of the energy, the stronger the energy will come through. This is one of the true core lessons of Reiki, but sadly most Western classes do not give instruction on the basic methods that one can use to develop their ability to let to. Mindfulness is really one of the best, and the easiest to learn (although difficult to master, as any form of meditation is).
    A great site where you can learn more about it is http://www.wildmind.org/mindfulness. I can’t recommend it, and the practice of mindfulness enough. It teaches you to let go and just “be” with as few attachments as possible to your thoughts or your surroundings. You become very present and focused on the current moment without clinging – and THAT will allow the Reiki to come through the most clearly and strongly. I teach basic mindfulness meditation as a part of all my Reiki classes.
    There are also exercises that come out of the Japanese Reiki traditions that are meant to help strengthen your connection to the energy.
    Here are some links to some of those exercises:
    http://www.threshold.ca/reiki/ – this is a pretty comprehensive page, just click on the various exercise titles in blue, and you will be brought to a seperate page describing the exercise and what it is meant to accomplish; Hatsurei-ho is the exercise specifically for increasing your channel.
    http://www.reiki.org/reikinews/reikimeditation.html: this is a 21 day meditation routine designed to help clear and open you to greater amounts of energy.
    Also, if you have any friends who are Reiki Masters, ask if they will give you repeat attunements. The one-time-attunement method that we know know was not part of Usui’s original Reiki system. He provided regular “empowerments” called reiju. Getting new attunements can act as a kind of reiju by providing you with an extra large burst of energy for your body to utilize for clearing and charging. It’s not necessary, obviously, but I do know that some practitioners that like to get new attunements on a regular basis for this reason. If 2 Masters are friends, they may swap from time to time. Again, this is not necessary, but can help increase your own energetic health and stamina, which will increase your channel.
    Hope these ideas have helped – but honestly, the best way is just to PRACTICE!! You’ll eventually develop the abilities on your own, but these are some ways you can help speed things along!

  8. I use Yoga Pranayama breathing techniques on a regular basis.
    I teach mind, body, spirit exercises that are part of the Japanese Reiki which help you cleanse any negative energy away, then pull in the universal energy to increase your awareness and protection.
    This is done before each session that you have working on someone else.
    I’ve been teaching since 1995 there is more info on my website http://www.reikisanantonio.com

  9. I find it very sad that closed minded people feel the need to ridicule others for their open mindedness! Like I say to my Pre-Kindergarten students…”If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!”
    Reiki has been such a blessing in mine and my daughters lives! She is a 17 year old Reiki Master that is very serious about what she does. We work together (team reiki) in a holistic wellness center and Reiki has brought us so much closer together as mother and daughter. It’s every mother’s dream to have their teen daughter want to spend time with them and have a close relationship! My daughter and I are best friends thanks to our Reiki and our spirituality!
    Sorry, back on track now, the best way to have clearer/stronger channels is to practice, practice, practice. Treat yourself daily and take care of yourself. Daily meditation and breathing also helps to clear your channels. My daughter and I use stones and crystals to enhance healing also. Blessing in Reiki!!!


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