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What are some effective alternatives to transcendental meditation?

I’m interested in TM as it is advocated by people I respect in other fields however I’m put off by it’s cost. I’ve also read some reports that any similar style of meditation is just as effective, so I am looking to try some. Thanks!


  1. One meditation technique is called gibberish. Make all kinds of sounds, as long as they are not a real language. Pretend you are talking in a language no one knows. Make loud sounds, soft sounds, angry sounds, sad sounds, just create any non-word sounds you like. Really get into it! And move your body around too.
    After five or ten minutes, stop, and sit silently for five minutes, becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings, or sensations. Just watch. Do not try to change or fix anything. Do not try to stop the mind. Love yourself, and accept whatever happens from your heart.

  2. passage meditation is a good alternative
    and you might even give moving meditation a try.
    both are good for developing calm awareness.
    i use to do passage meditation but once i found out i could meditate with my eyes open and with movement i prefer it.
    different meditations suit different personalities. so just find a technique that suits you and that you will stick with.

  3. There are many free or low cost meditation techniques available on Internet websites. You may want to check out some described on this site: http://theconsciouslife.com/meditation-resources
    You can also learn simple meditation techniques by reading books and listening to audio CDs and DVDs. They should be available in community libraries. There might also be meditation centers near your home that conduct meditation training programs. Try googling for them.
    Enjoy your meditation!

  4. Try the free guided meditation at http://www.clicktomeditate.com , this site has no advertisements, all meditations are for free.
    TM belongs to the class of mantra meditation, ‘mantra’ is effective when given by a qualified individual with instructions. The Art of living foundation does a great job by providing this for a very little cost, sometime if you have economic restraints they will give big discounts.

  5. hey, if i were you, i’d learn the real thing, TM, and not get hung up about the money. it’s a myth that all techniques are basically the same and produce the same results. with something so important as your spiritual evolution, which is the most important thing in life, why play around with lesser effective techniques? why should TM teachers not earn a living wage for their very valuable service? why does that turn you off? does it turn you off when you pay for gas, food, water, electricity, etc.? we’re used to paying for these things, but when it comes to learning meditation, people sometimes think it’s not important enough to pay money for, or that it should be free. but nothing’s free in this world. if it is, you’re getting what you pay for. understand this: no one makes money off of teaching TM, the teachers barely make enough to make it, all the money goes to keep the organization going and make the benefits of meditation available to others, especially people who cannot pay the full tuition– who sometimes even learn for free. there are grants and scholarships for people who can’t afford the full course fee.
    i also suggest looking at the scientific research comparing the different meditation techniques: http://www.truthabouttm.org
    best of luck

  6. Some of the best and cheapest ones are available at nondirective.org – as “nondirective” is the type of meditation you’re talking about.
    You can still have the jack & coke =P

  7. Run as far as you can from the TM teaching organization. The middlemen in the organization are ruthless, and they have been told to not consider psychological issues. The teachers of TM are nothing more than robots. Most people that endorse TM do not know how the TM organization violates human rights every day in many complicated ways. TM is a good solution for a short-term solution and even gives relief but nothing long-term. This is because many people find that they cannot function without TM, and become emotionally dependent on it. Mindfulness practices that suggest paying attention to breath work just the same if not better.


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