Home Discussion Forum What are some easy techniques are astral projection?

What are some easy techniques are astral projection?

I wanna astral project but i do it and it takes me 20 minutes! and i still cant do it can someone help me?


  1. Saliva, LSD/acid, magic mushrooms, fasting and meditating, PCP, mescaline, high doses of crystal meth, or anything that will make you hallucinate.

  2. Astral projection was studied for almost 20 years by the CIA.
    The effects are known to be physiological and not a ‘real’ traveling. Spend 20 minutes a day meditating, you will get more health benefits from that then chasing a superstition.

  3. that doesn’t make sense…you are saying it takes you 20 minutes to do it but yet you can’t do it???
    anyway…… here is a link to a question just like this that i’m sure will help you…i have APed 6 times and i find this the easiest way!!!
    it’s worked twice for me, thats one more time than any other technique haha 🙂
    contact me if you have questions……


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