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What are some different superpowers that use the mind?

Like telepathy, telekinesis, auras, etc. Doesnt really matter if you think they’re real or not.


  1. 1. telepathy
    2. telekinesis
    3. pyrokinesis
    4. psychometry
    5. aura perception
    6. medium
    7. astral projection
    8. distance viewing
    9. prognostication
    10. curses
    11. the evil eye
    12. probability manipulation
    13. microkinesis
    14. macrokineses

  2. aura isn’t a superpower, aura is the energy all living things emit. Animals, plants, you & me.
    when I think superpower, to add on to what David has I also think of the power to control fire, water, earth, air, light & darkness but that’s just my thoughts
    also David, Evil Eye isn’t a superpower either it’s a curse


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