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What are some different forms of witchcraft?

Whenever I look up witchcraft I only find stuff on Wicca. I know about Wicca, so please don’t post stuff about it. I’m just curious about the different kinds witchcraft, and where I can find information about them.


  1. Vajradhara is the original Sorcerer.
    His teachings are found in the
    Six Yogas of Naropa of Vajrayana Buddhism.

  2. Look up Kitchen Witchcraft, Ceremonial Magic, Folk Magic, and Traditional Witchcraft to broaden your horizons a bit.

  3. OK,,,, To start off, what passes for Wicca is really rubbish,but many people like it. Wicca has NO Historical Base, only the name does(& it means something else anyway.) … SOME Types of WitchCraft Are:: 1/Brittish Traditional 2/Traditional 3/ Faery 4/ Irish 5/ Stregharia or Strege for short. 6/ Celtic 7/ Gardenerian 8/ Alexandrian which is an off shoot of Gardenerian & formed in the 1960’s 9/ Eclectic that’s just a mixture of whatever you want to put in or leave out of it, very pretentious. 10/ Hereditary Witchcraft. This is the Truest form of WitchCraft (except for one other not mentioned), & it is passed on in Witch Families only, in other words, you are Born to it! Sometimes, a Witch Family will teach an outsider, but only after the outsider has been adopted into that family. Teachings given to outsiders who are NOT in the family are deliberately false teachings to preserve the Families Hereditary Ways. 11/ Kitchen or Green WitchCraft. 12/ Natural WitchCraft. 13/ …… I’m not going to say here. It is at present,known only to a few people in the world but will soon be known to all who want to know about it, when My Book comes out! …. This particular form of WitchCraft, is passed on through My Famliy line but as I have no one to pass it to, I have decided to write it in a book & leave it that way. It is better than the alternative. ….. 14/ Scottish 15 Seax or Saxon WitchCraft. This is another invention & goes way back to the 1970’s! Well, those are just a FEW of the types of WitchCraft around! ….. For Further Information, I suggest you get onto the > WitchVox < site.


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