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What are some cool things to do while lucid dreaming?

I’m trying to lucid dream for awhile but no luck yet. When I do what cool things can I do? I was thinking maybe going on a lucid vacation *ahem* Disney World *cough* haha. Or just do crazy stuff! If you have, what does it feel like? When I dream, how should I know when I’m dreaming? I wanna do lucid soo bad! If you don’t know what it is, look it up.


  • Well, for the best information type it in you search bar and there will be plenty of sites that come up with a lot of info on how to do it.

    As for your question, from experience the best things are flying, swimming and driving a car. The Disney World vacation make take a bit to master.

  • You must have a reason to lucid dream, just wanting to is really hard. Usually starts when you want to escape a nightmare. It is a long process to achieve fully controlled lucid form. Some usual steps are: 1. you train yourself to wake up when you have a bad dream. After awhile this get very tiring because you are losing sleep. 2. Then you will probably move to a state of stopping the bad dream and being half asleep. 3. The third step will be to CHANGE the dream while you are still dreaming. Step 4 will be controlling the whole dream. Step 5 will be being brave enough NOT TO CONTROL while you lucid dream.
    Step one and two should take about 3 weeks each. Step 3 maybe 4 weeks. Step 4 about 3 months. Step 5 a lifetime to do and then you pay forever.

  • I remember when I was younger, I had this dream where dinosaurs were running around and people were freaking out. I was running to then suddenly said, “I know this is a dream, so it’s okay” and I was aware it was a dream. Only time I can remember though. I would SOOOO love to have a lucid dream…so many things.. I’d totally want to do a matrix jump from one building to another xD

  • flying, they say flying is so awesome in lucid dreams, but i havent had any yet, and they say that kids have more chances to have them over teens and adults

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