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What are some cool projectile powers?

besides the typical “chi” like dragon ball or yu yu hakusho, or street fighter……don’t you guys get tired of the same powers in every anime…chi and energy blast are starting to become old to me. Any other projectiles that would be cool in an anime/manga?


  1. i was actually thinking about this when I used to be all manga crazy and had a whole idea for a manga.
    How about highly compressed air sealed inside a small ball that is covered with oil or something. If you’ve taken auto or anything you’ll know that when air expands rapidly it can burn. So you throw the ball and when it hits the air is released and in an instant it creates a fire and a giant explosion.
    I’ve always thought that lightning is pretty sick. It wouldn’t really be a projectile but think about it. One of the most powerful natural phenomena. And lightning is 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun.
    Those would be two projectiles which I would thoroughly enjoy seeing in a manga. Which is why the Raikiri(Chidori) attract me so much


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