• I love you = Aishiteru or Daisuki da (Daisuki da sounds less awkward, lol.)

    If you yell Shitsuke yo!!! Its kinda like “Calm the f*ck down!”
    Zakkenayo! = F*ck off.

    These aren’t the literal meanings of course, but you can use these words in place of the English curse words and they will make sense.

    Enough curse words. xD;;

    Kakkoii = Cool! (Hot, handsome, that kind of meaning.)
    Kawaii = Cute

    Nande yanen? = What the hell are you talking about?
    Nani shiten no? = What the hell are you doing?

    Yabai = Wow! (Can be good or bad, teenage type phrase.)
    Ii naa = Awesome…
    Mazui = Gross
    Kira kira = Shiny

  • 注意(ちゅうい)means to be careful
    げんざい means ‘right now’. Almost said the same as in Chinese
    Yup. これはおもしろい質問

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