Home Discussion Forum what are some CONS about TAOISM?

what are some CONS about TAOISM?

i have found many PROS but i still need some.. so please help me by telling me some pros and CONS you consider in taoism..


  1. Popular Taoism (as opposed to philosophical Taoism) is nothing more than a collection of superstitions involving multiple Chinese gods. It places heavy emphasis on divination and astrology, which any thinking person knows are pseudosciences. They also practice feng shui and mediumship.
    If you’re thinking about philosophical Taoism, the Taoism found in texts like the Tao Te Ching, just go with that. Don’t bother with the folk traditions (like fortunetelling and spirit-writing) that some popular Taoists practice.

  2. A con is that it is not widely practiced, especially in the Western hemisphere. You will find very little fellowship or friends to believe and practice with.

  3. It is a philosophy. “Tao” is a word that means “way”. The Chinese have always been observers of nature. They discovered that in all things there are “ways” that they operate. Everything has a “tao”. It is believed that if one understands the “way” things operate he will then be a master of those things. As a culture, they and the American Indian have similar attitudes toward life. As the Indians were forced to march the “trail of tears” they had observed nature well enough along the way that they understood all the animals in the new territory enough to know how to survive.

  4. Only one I’ve noticed is a slight issue.
    Some may be so caught up in the Yin/Yan issue, they forget that it does not apply to all cases. I do Tai Chi which heavily influenced by the Tao – there are some movements where Yin/Yan cannot be done and others where there’s variations of both.

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