Sunday, September 26, 2021

what are some conjurations to repel negative entities in the astral or in thr physical???

answer if you truly know. This is for astral projection mainly. I wouls like to avoid what people call negs or demons in the astral plane.


  1. i simply know in my heart than nothing can come near me … that i am protected by my guides and God
    that i am a light that would blind anything negative
    so personally for me .. it is believing and trusting
    i dont believe in demons however… but sure there are negative aspects

  2. It is easy. You can either say a personal prayer for protection, or what I do is, I visualize a white light surrounding my whole body, and I pray to God (or whoever you want) to protect my body and soul from any and all negative energies and manifestations. It works.

  3. The astral plane is fictional. Nothing is needed to repel anything from there because there isn’t anything there.
    For the physical plane, I find that eating lots of garlic works. That repels most people, good and bad.

  4. Some pagan chick said she could do it by burning candles and thinking happy thoughts.
    Oh, I just remembered….she was a nutcase.

  5. There are all kinds of things you can do.
    In the Astral.
    travel with your protector and guide
    Learn to control your emotions. If you have a lot of negative or fearful emotions; they will find you.
    In the physical.
    Place an Amethyst, Obsidian, and agate under your pillow.
    Burn Copal and frankinsence incense before you journey
    Burn white sage and smudge your room
    Go to a Catholic church and get some holy water and sprinkle the holy water around your room to protect you while you journey
    Set up a medicine wheel and call in the gold light of the Creator to protect your room and body as you journey.
    sprinkle salt around the room, or make a ring of salt around where you will be journeying from.


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