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What are some characteristis of Shamanism & Budhism? (I need it 4 an essay)?


  1. I don’t know enough about Buddhism to make any comment, only that they believe in reincarnation and it’s a very peace loving belief system.
    Shamanic principles and quantum physics are both describing the same things. These are the main concepts.
    Consciousness is energy ( ie not physical ), so energy is consciousness.
    The Universe is holographic in nature. We are not an ego, a physical body with spiritual aspirations,.. but the complete opposite.
    All thoughts and actions are the result of energy, as energy cannot die, they are and remain eternal. The Universal Consciousness is the collective memory and consciousness of everything.
    There is much more but that is enough for any amount of books let alone an essay. 🙂
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  2. The nature of Buddhism is that it is relevant to all manner of religion. Unlike other religions, Buddhism is non-theistic. It does not concern itself with things such as Creator God or original sin. It is more of a philosophy which has the aim of putting one in direct experience with the “way things really are”. It really is being able to open up to this precious human life.
    Buddhism came to countries, Tibet for example, which had deep roots in shamanism. In Tibet, Bon was the religion before Buddhism. Buddhism’s perspective was applied to Bon, over time and generations, and by it, the people were able to express their deep experience of life through familiar religious forms.
    Hinduism, Taoism, Jainism, mystic Christianity, perhaps even Sufism, mystic religions of all kinds, all use meditative techniques similar to Buddhism and have developed ubiquitous rites and liturgies which help express the meditative experience.
    Tibetan Buddhism, known as Vajrayana, has a profoundly rich, deep, intense, powerful, convincing, compelling life of ritual which learned mentors and priests bring to us. Their shamanistic abilities help them journey with us as we travel through unknown areas of spiritual evolution. Shamans are bridges, doorways, connectors, priests to our buddha nature but which is so deeply buried in negative karma. Shamans, priests that they are, bring us closer to liberation.


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