Home Discussion Forum What are some books on reincarnation?

What are some books on reincarnation?

What are some good books, fiction or non fiction, on reincarnation?


  1. One of the best I have ever read is called “Soul Survivor”. It is the true story of a young boy and his father’s search for what was Really happening to him. At 2 the boy began having terrible nightmares about dying in a plane crash. During a trip to an airplane museum of WWII planes (I believe he was about 4 by then), the boy correctly identified several planes And certain parts on the plane that only someone who had flown such a plan would know. Read the book, but it ends up the boy is a reincarnated spirit of a WWII pilot shot down in the So. Pacific during the war.
    The book also has some other books of the same type you can read.
    No matter what your beliefs on the matter, this is a great book. The father tries to Disprove the theory of reincarnation, but actually ends up proving it, at least in the case of his son.

  2. “Your Soul’s Plan” by Robert Schwartz
    This book is not exactly about the phenomenon of reincarnation – it is about how souls plan their lives before they incarnate, and how our ability to have free will on earth factors into the realization of those plans.


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