Home Discussion Forum What are Shamanisms bounderies?

What are Shamanisms bounderies?

How far does shamanism go? (Other than healing, cursing, levatation and realization) And dont even post if your going to say that shamans arent real.


  1. Shaman never go beyond the veil for themselves or for members of their family. It is not safe. You open yourself to temptations and the forces of evil. They go to the lower world and the upper world, not the one in-between.

  2. Stupidity, ignorance, superstition, credulity – those are the boundaries of the make-believe world of shamanism.

  3. oh, they are real, but I don;t think this is a good subject for anonymous back and forth communication on a completely public forum with fairly young folks on here sometimes. I will say I fairly certain there is no limit.What you do with all that freedom is up to you and you are responsible for all the imbalances you create, and all those you restore.


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