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What are Reiki Chakras and Reiki Symbols ?

I want to know what are Reiki Chakras and Symbols and from where i can learn reiki in Delhi ?


  1. Oh my Gosh! You are in Delhi? As in India?
    The greatest masters in energy have come from India. You have a culture and history paramont to all.
    Reiki can not teach you anything that your Yogic Masters can not teach you. In the Reiki learning process you will pay much for what a master yogi will teach you for very little.
    The symbols that Reiki use are all the same as the chakra system deplicted in so many of the yoga charts I have seen. They are often seen as various color Lotus flowers. There are 7 of these chakras in/on/and connected directly with the body and two more that hover above the body in the auric field. I learned “Reiki” before reiki was every a “trade” name from a minister of the Church of Religious Science.
    But go ahead. Pay your money for a training. It is the way of the world now. But remember Reiki holds no secrets that can not be found elsewhere for free. Below is an address to a Reiki blog. The owner of this blog teaches and travels to South America at times. Perhaps he can connect you to someone in Delhi. While you are there check out his posts on MMS.

  2. n number of people will say n number of things . I feel if someone is interested in somthin we should not stop him , rather because you don’t know exactly why that person is asking ? So i feel you should go through good sites of Reiki to aquire knowledge about Reiki basics , but yes if you want you can join atleast Reiki I to get attuned atleast . Afterwords you can learn through online sites about Reiki.

  3. The chakras are not specific to Reiki they are energy centers on the body and there are different opinions on them depending on what you read. I find the Kundalini chakras to be the most effieicent. In this system there are seven chakras along various parts of the spine from base to head. Each chakra being associated with a color, organs in the body and life issues. One does not need to really know these to do Reiki but it helps.
    Reiki symbols are a way to identify and to call upon different frequencies of healing energies much like we use misical notes to call upon specific sounds. There are many different healing energies and Reiki uses specific energies, these symbols help us to name and recognize the energies we use and when our mind gets distracted, drawing the symbols gives the mind something to do.
    There are many fine Reiki Master Teachers throughout India as Reiki is very popular there. As to where you will find one, I do not know, perhaps you can search online or just start asking around. A friend of mine from Holland took her level 2 Reiki from a monk somewhere in India. I do not know how she found him or where in India he was located.
    Good luck finding your teacher.


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