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what are quick and real ways for developing chi energy? and how do u develop empty force ?

if possible could u please mention methods of feeling and building ki without breath control? and how to project chi after filling hands with it ? thanx


  1. Hi I am sorry to tell you there is no quick ways or short cuts. I know us Americans love to take short cuts, but when it comes to developing your chi or ki, their is no substitute for real training from a Teacher and day to day practice. There are no short cuts i have ever heard of other than the usual way.
    Any other way and you will not be necessarily getting healty chi or proper chi.
    The only way I can think of really is to be around a room of people or things that are filled with positive Yin energy and meditate there and absorb as much of the Yin to replenish yourself and you will feel better. other than that, I cannot think of any quicl ways or short cuts….sorry.

  2. There is no shortcut in learning martial arts. Definitely there is no shortcut in developing chi energy. u have to go through training step by step, and progess to different level of training at a time . As far as i know the chi energy is different from the air (ci in chinese) u breath. and breath control help u control ur muscle during practice for taiji quan etc. various method of projection of chi can be found in internal boxing . projection of chi also corelate to focusing ur thoughts .

  3. Yeah there are no Quick ways but if you concentrate hard and dont think about anything except what you are doing you will be all chi. Also, if you’re fightin someone dont be full side on becaause that means that you are not focusing your energy on them and you will not be able to defend yourself.Be front on but a little side on.

  4. Drink green tea atop the highest mountain. Fasting and rubbing hands while moaning ala Mr.Miyagi. Do this for ten years and write back to let us know how it works out for ya.

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