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What are people's opinions of yoga? Is it still thought of as a crazy hippie thing or is it more accepted?

Medically, yoga (which includes a lot of things besides poses) has clearly been shown to be helpful. I’m a psych nurse who uses it for many reasons – trauma, self esteem, increasing focus – but lots of people still think I’m pushing a religion. (If they came to a class, they would see I am not.) What’s the general feeling out there? Thanks in advance.


  1. I am amazed that people still see it as voodoo! Gold’s Gym has yoga classes, even my daughter’s college offers yoga. I am pretty sure neither of them are pushing religion in the name of fitness! It is a great way to learn to control breathing (which comes in handy for sleep, public speaking, sports, etc.) and stretching which just helps a whole lot of things. I shall take a moment and go lotus now…

  2. watch the penn and teller episode, and you’ll see the exact evidence, that some of that stuff is just overdoing it, and not actually doing anything. its all mind over matter. some people say its calming and helps ones body come to peace etc, ive done it and felt pretty worn out. id much rather relax in the warm sun listening to my ipod to relax me, althought its not that bad. its a sin to some people, they hate it that much! but once you go and see, its not that bad at all, although not my thing

  3. With the popularity of yoga in Hollywood it seems to be viewed as more mainstream than it used to be. I live on the west coast and it is “popular” here. I know that it is more accepted in big cities… Los Angeles, Seattle, NYC. Middle America might be a little slow to catch on. I have noticed that older generations still aren’t sure about it but I think it is mostly because they don’t really know what it is and they know that it used to be considered a crazy hippie thing. Good luck getting people to come to your class… there are so many wonderful benefits!

  4. I live in Los Angeles, and have grown up perceiving that yoga was very popular and beneficial, because it is. I have not really heard of it being crazy, because I live on the west coast, where all kinds of ideas are accepted. My mother enjoys doing it, and I even sometimes would join her as a kid. Good luck with the class, sounds like you are doing a great thing! Yoga is truly stress relieving and I think everyone should try it!

  5. Yoga is great. I’m still surprised to hear that people see it as some sort of ‘religion’. I think the problem with its perception is lack of understanding, education and in some cases poor publicity.
    Virtually every health club and gym I’ve visited over the last few years have run yoga classes which shows its popularity.
    I think when people encounter it in a medical situation their perception is somewhat different – they expect to be given a drug/pill or cure. As opposed to a holistic remedy such as yoga, thus the negativity which is invoked.

  6. Yoga is an accepted thing, at yeast on the East Cost. It is very very popular at my college, county, and health club. It is so acceptable that there are over ten types of yoga offered in the county’s department of recreation. It is appreciated for its difficulty and its ability to help people focus.


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