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what are out of body experiences?

Do you really float out of your body or is it all just a dream. I have sleep paralysis sometimes but i never let myself have an OBE. When I’m laying there paralyized i feel like im making up what i see in my room, and my eyes aren’t really open, its just i’m imagining that I can see. I know this for a fact cause I have to wear glasses to see but during sleep paralysis I can see everything clearly so I must be making it up.
Well is it the same for an OBE? Do you just imagine what you’re seeing? Or are you really projecting yourself out of your body… does anyone have any proof that they were really astral projecting? Like maybe an object that they saw …


  • Vision apparently through closed eyes is common during sleep paralysis, but it’s not ‘made up’ as such. It’s a result of your consciousness shifting from your physical body to your etheric body – which doesn’t need glasses. It’s known as etheric sight. What you see at this point is the contents of the etheric plane that coincide with your bedroom, which won’t necessarily be fully identical to your bedroom. This divergence increases once you go fully out of body (as the etheric plane is just your starting point), so proof is usually awkward – over the years I’ve gathered enough to convince myself, but convincing third parties is an awful lot harder… The last validation I saw was a tree (previously unchanged since my childhood) unexpectedly pruned back incredibly vigorously and stripped of all its bark. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this had happened to it in real life just a single day earlier. The tree was half an hour’s drive away from my bed.

  • you were in the beginning stages of an OBE

    you don’t have to be FLOATING out side of your body…….most that i have, i am not even completely out of my body, just my upper half is out

    whether or not it is a dream is another thing all together

    in a dream, you have no control, you aren’t even aware it is a dream until after you wake up

    if you are aware of yourself dreaming, it is what is called a LUCID dream, not just dreaming……………there is a difference between lucid dreaming and dreaming

    a lucid dream is what the ancients would call a vision, it is a spiritual height, an ascension of the soul

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