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What are good ways to release negativity?

i felt a ton build up behind my brow chakra?


  1. I like to do this with my friends. First, I ask them about how they feel and to vent out any anger or sadness. Then I try to help them with their problem.

  2. Try meditating. If you’ve never done it before, I can tell you what I do. I’m also a beginner at meditation but I can already tell you it really helps clear my head, prioritize (ie not sweat the small stuff) and just eliminates bad energy that keeps me from really living my life.
    The first thing I do in the morning is meditate. I splash some cold water on my face just to revitalize a bit, then i sit down with some relaxing music and set a timer for 5 minutes. I then write “morning pages”. Basically, I just write EVERYTHING that comes to mind. What’s bothering me at the moment, appointments or assignments that are on my mind, things i have to do during the day, things i’m excited about and are always on my mind, everything. Once the 5 minutes are up, i rip the page out of my notebook, crumple it up, and sit quietly for about 10-15 minutes.
    Concentrate on your breathing, allowing it to slow down and deepen. Whenever thoughts come to your mind, clear your mind by breathing in quietly and “breathing out that idea”. I know it sounds odd, but try it. You’re not really blocking out thoughts (some of which are important), you’re just inviting them to simply leave you alone for a bit, and inviting them to come back later when you are more calm.
    There you go, meditation for beginners.

    in to count of 5
    hold to count of 3
    release breath to count of 7 [no pause here]
    in to count of 5, hold 3, release 7 BREATHE IN 5-hold3-release7
    each cycle may have a different pace for the count
    but the inbreath, hold, and release are the same pace
    in each cycle…in other words one round of 5-3-7 may
    be quick the next round deep and slow the next round
    more regular, etc.
    keep doing this until more relaxed
    walking and swinging arms,
    singing something pleasant very loudly
    (it’s always fun to sing happy birthday to
    yourself when it isn’t your birthday, and
    see the cake and candles, etc while singing)
    where the mind goes the body follows….
    If it’s all storing up in your head, do some
    gentle forward bends with knees slightly bent
    and just let arms dangle comfortable
    with palms parallel to knees and
    keep breathing
    don’t stop the breathing
    and drink some distilled water….
    and a shower with some
    naturally scented oils, like eucalyptus
    or spearmint, a few drops in the hot
    steamy shower and INHALE…yep
    breathe again….
    and then LAUGH OUT LOUD (in private)
    as LOUD as you can, this will be a
    forced laugh, but soon enough you will
    begin laughing for real, especially while
    drying with towel after bath/shower..
    all that breathing and laughing and showering
    raises all the ‘good’ chems in the brain and
    literally your brain is ‘washed’ clean of the negativity…
    also forgive: you, the other person/s, the circumstance
    thanks for the Q 🙂

  4. Go and find something that needs demolishing. I usually chop my wood when I feel all negative. . 🙂
    Practicing Shaman,… quantum physics rocks


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