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what are good sources of information on healing arts?

by ~*Tear*~:

I’ve been told plenty of times (within my life) that i hold a special talent for art, healing, and psychic abilities. Even last night, I got my chakras read by a professional and she told me that I am one of the lucky ones and that if I channel my energies, I can become great. Even when I was a child, a psychic told me that I had great potential, and that I share the same fate as herself. She told me also that I had a gift of healing energies. I am trying to find web sites on the healing energies and how to channel them. I am only 13, and I am wanting to work on this now.
If you can give me any websites, that would be great
Thank you ^.^
Blessed Be

Answer by m/
any peer reviewed medical journal


  1. I don’t know about websites but if you can convince people to drink enough water, eat healthy foods, get exercise and sleep 8 hours daily, you will help people immensely.

  2. Websites aren’t really going to help you. You can check out a book called “Hands of Light”, but it is pretty hard going for a young teen. You are very young yet, you might find you can do a lot of this on your own. With your parents’ permission, you could talk to a Reiki counselor, Reiki people work with energies and they might be able to help you start your path. You need your parents permission for this since you are under age. You can check the internet for information on “Therapeutic Touch’ which is an energy healing system that I practice. Learning to read auras, learn to access your own energy and project it. There are many methods out there. A trip to your local library or book store may be in order, check under the New Age or Pagan section for books dealing with Healing Energies.

  3. Google.. Ken Cohen The essential qi gong training course
    Spring Forest qi gong
    Google qi gong
    [ Say chee Kung ]
    May You be well


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