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What are good songs for meditation?

Lately, I have been in the mood for meditation, of any kind. Mostly yoga and reflections. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for music? Whether it be nature sounds, instrumental, or even world music. I’d like to hear what you have. I need some music to listen to.


  1. I am not an expert on meditation by any means but the way that I understand it music would be a contradiction to the process of meditation. You should have quiet to meditate so that you can clear your mind.

  2. I really like ambient works for meditation. Have you ever heard of Kitaro? Almost anything he’s done would fit. I often do yoga and meditate to Kitaro’s work.
    If you’re into mantra meditation, then maybe get some of Jai Uttal’s kirtan and chant along!

  3. How about “Moments In Love” by Art of Noise? You could buy one of those noise machines with all of the nature sounds too. Happy Meditating!!!

  4. My two favorite meditation CDs are: “Natural Stress Relief” which is water sounds and soft music and “World Lounge” which is just music. Both of these CDs are available at New Age shops. Think I bought the World Lounge CD at Pier One though…
    If you are interested in nature sound CDs, look for one that contains music as well. Nature sounds on their own can be distracting (with the exception of rhythmic sounds like rain or waves and such).
    I have also found that Shamanic drumming has an amazing effect when it comes to helping me achieve deep meditation and trances.

  5. I meditate to music by the groups Narada and Troika. I guess it’s what most people call new-age music, but their sounds and compositions are awesome.
    They cover the spectrum of nature sounds, world music and repetitive, low decibel gong and chant pitch, that can be extremely helpful in deep meditation.


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