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What are good questions to ask Socrates?

I need 7 questions that you would ask Socrates if you were interviewing him. They have to be about what Socrates taught or believed. They also have to show how he contributed to Athenian society.
Pretend you are an Athenian at the time Socrates was alive, say 1 year before his death.


  1. 1. did you believe that question and answer theory was educational
    2. did you know that professors do teach a socratic method today
    3. were you aware that some youths of the time were influenced by you
    4. did you know that your student Plato wrote a book called the Apology which was all about you.
    5. did you drink poison out of self condemnation or did you want to be noted in history
    6. have you heard that question and answer is effective afterall
    7. did you know that today there is almost no topic that cannot be discussed

  2. How odd me interview Socrates hardly,
    except to ask perhaps how many of Plato’s dialogues attributed to him are indeed fabrications
    and if so which ones and which parts?
    Pretty much most of what we know about Socrates is derived from his disciple Plato.
    Is that one question or three?
    Anyway can’t you come up with any?
    Have you even bothered to read up information on him?
    I almost suspect you haven’t.
    At least read through a brief summary of his teachings
    (like in the link below)
    and then think of appropriate questions even if it’s simply questioning their validity in the face of the modern world.
    For instance his ideas as to the cause of evil in men.
    Here is a link for only by research can we ever understand anything properly.

  3. Yeah, I remember when we met!0!
    I asked him: What is nothing? He replied: I don’t know. Then we both laughed at each other for about an hour!0!


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