What are good online places for free horoscopes and tarot readings?

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There’s Keen.. but you have to do your research.. even the 5 star ratings are frauds..
Try Circe Ciro, THIRD EYE, and Sincerity.
They have really good accuracy.
Please answer mine if you know it..




Eric J

misscleo.com i love miss cleo she accurately predicted my marriage!


if you have aim contact jbnblake I am free anytime


online horoscopes: http://www.astroadvice.com, cafeastrology.com and chaosastrology.com
free tarot readings: http://www.facade.com http://www.ifate.com http://www.newagestore.com
http://www.e-tarocchi.com/tarot4/index.php has everything though…its a one stop place.


I would recommend http://www.biotrend.us/
You can read daily horoscopes with video forecast and lots of information about all Western and Chinese Zodiac signs. Rated the best astrology website.


You should check out Sunshine of the Soul it has a section on Astrology as well as Tarot.



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