What are good Chakra cleansing excersises?

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I am a Reiki II practicioner and I was just wondering if anyone has any chakra cleansing excersises other than the classic hand positions that work well for them ? 🙂
Thank you
Love Light and Peace 🙂
Umm no be10dwn haha idk if there is a xbox game envolving the cleansing of your Chakras, (im not that much into video games, at all actually) Im talking about actually cleansing your own chakras 🙂 hahaha srry it kinda made me laugh ur question 🙂 In a positive way 🙂 see Im 16 and all my friends are into video games and stuff and Im like the only one of my friends into Reiki and the metaphysical , so that sounded like something they would have asked 🙂 haha
Love Light and Peace 🙂

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Sit down and put both feet behind your head.

That was Zen, this is Tao

I have a book called Chakra Yoga by Alan Finger, it includes a guided meditation cd. It’s basic Hatha yoga but it links yoga asanas with chakras.


Is that an xbox game?


Take a piece of paper and fan it around your body because the aura are thin layers around your body.
Don’t listen to Reverend Yozo, you might attract aid into your life

Reverend Yozo

While meditating – try to imagine you are five, starving, live in Africa, have HIV, both parents dead of AIDS and your arms are getting cut off by very evil men. Meditate till the tears and the retch come and then …
… smile.
If you can do this – you will open your crown a little. I guarantee. And your compassion will well up in your heart and your throat will give voice to these poor children!


My favorite is going out and standing in a strong wind, releasing all negativity. If the wind is slow I choose to go through each chakra visualizing the appropriate color and the appropriate “I am” statement. After doing this breath in through your nose and blow down through your mouth visualizing each chakra being cleared and set to the right speed. You can ask your client to do this for themself. Remember that if they are empathic to ask their guide to put the solor plexis at the appropriate openness as if it is left fully open it could cause problems. Good Luck!


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ok just recently ive become interested in meditation and chakra/kundalini. i wanted to know where a legitamate and free place to start would be....

The process by which heat energy is transmitted from the sunto the earth is called?

The process by which heat energy is transmitted from the sunto the earth is called A.conduction B.Convention C.Absorption D.Radiation

Do black cats drive away negative energy/evil spirits?

I read that somewhere and I have a black cat. Just curious about your opinions. Thanks! 🙂
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