what are fourth generation medium psychic? and what do this mean ?

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Seventh Heaven

a medium psycic is someone who sees, talks to, or hears the dead. the generation thing just means that the job talent or gift runs in the family. that persons grandmother or grandfather have done it too and thier kids too


An assumption that psychic ability is genetic. Mostly for females that claim their mothers, grandmothers, and so on were, so naturally they are.
Not their fathers though. Males seem to be less likely.


4th Generation means a direct family link going back 4 generations with all being psychic e.g:-
Great Grandmother
Medium – This is a person who has the ability to speak with dead/departed family members, friends, relatives, animals etc.
Psychic – A person who is able to read a persons past, present and probably future via tuning into a persons aura or using things such as tarot cards, crystal balls etc.
Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx


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