what are evil things the witch in snow white did?

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i need 3 things she did that were evil i can only think of onee, and if you know this what character archetype would she be? the devil figure?

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Old Timey Gangster Caiden

Hired a guy to cut out her heart, fed her a poisoned apple… I can’t think of anymore.
Just go to wikipedia and look up the synopsis.

Watch it Sucka

She wanted to be the fairest of all so she was selfish and vain. When she found out Snow white was she became jealous so she hated Snow White without cause and was full of envy.She attempted murder so she was a murderer . She is demonic.

kristto meff

She dosed someone’s food, that’s evil enough for me.

Mary Lantz

-Rigged the 2000 Presidential elections, as well as the 2004 Presidential elections, in order to let Bush win
-Hypnotized Glenn Beck to spew all that ignorance and hatred
-And, um…she eats puppies, kittens, and BABBYS.
I do it for teh lulz

Giggly Giraff

Spying on the innocent,
Hired a murder (Hunter),
Transformation through potions,
& Tried direct murder (disguied as an old woman).


She would keep tags on the clothes she bought and return them after wearing them once.


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