What are Chakra injections?

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A holistic doctor offers various alternative treatment one of which is the chakra injections. However I have been unable to determine from researching the internet what exactly a chakra injection is? All the doctors services can be found on the website below

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Chakra’s are points on your body that are beleaved to be sorta spirutal organs of sorts… or places where your boby gives and resives spirital energy. (various views probly more than that.)
There is one on the top of your head, the middle of your forehead, over your heart/middle of your chest (varies), over your naval, in your crotch, and at the bottom of your feet and middle of your hands. (I think…. look up chakra’s to be sure if your curious)
A Chakra injection means they are pushing serten kinda of energy into a serten chakra, or combination of doing this to several…. In order to change the flow of energy in your body and help heal you, releave deprestion, or what ever your there for the doctor about.


I would have him do a reflexology treatment first, or something else less invasive. If you feel good about it afterwards, go ahead and try it.


Chakras are simply energy centers of the body. I cannot tell from the website WHAT he will be injecting into the chakras. This would be what I’d want to know and understand first and foremost. He should tell you and explain to your satisfaction PLUS you should research what he’s told you.
I am all for alternative and holistic methods. But there are charlatans and dangerous folks out there too. It can be difficult to be informed of the safety on techniques that have not gone through the testing that other procedures have. However, many medications and procedures that are FDA approved scare the sh** out of me too!
My best advice, besides the above, is to talk to other patients that have had this done.


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