What are auras, do they even exist??

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What are they and can we see them? Can any of you see them??

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No, people see them if they have a medical condition or by staring really hard until their eyes get tired and they start to see an optical illusion.


I’ve tried it and saw bright yellow glowing round my husband’s head and shoulders. Yellow apparently is the colour that defines a spiritual leader. He had a go for a laugh but was amazed to see I had a top hat of bright cobalt blue which is also a spiritual shade. You need to stand up against a plain background and the observer looks through half shut eyes. Try following the instructions on the link.
In the past I’ve viewed the force fields round my hands when lying in bed which produces similar effects. You hold your hands up against a blank wall in the dark and within a few seconds, outlines starting building up round your fingers. If you then point your hands towards each other, you can feel a band of energy and colours can start shooting around. I saw a beautiful bright green last week. Eventually your fingers start to look like bananas and seem to join up.
Someone I met long ago told me that he had experienced this on a healing development course and I thought he was very weird.


yes very true and plus any1 who reads this tell me a good ouija expirience .(well not all of them r good)


Auras are seen and not seen. Usually people can only see auras when they are really strong. They can be seen with thermal cameras, but they can also be felt aswell. They are usually felt by close bonded people.


If you have ever been truly in love you know that an aura exists. It cannot be seen but it certainly can be felt.

Danielle R. Crow

It is the natural energy a human exudes or retains.
Thus it is much like a DNA pattern, dialect and/or thermal imprint.
No one is crazy for understanding, asking and/or knowing them.
Many blind people use the theory of aura to tell if something near them is alive, dead, human and/or -non-human due to the way it puts off response.
A aura is much like a immune system, nerve/muscle structure or a emotion, if you have it, it shows, if you don’t, then no one is going to notice.
Search the word “aura” at http://www.wikipedia.org or other search engines for more data on the basic topic.


Auras are the energy source living things put off. anything that is alive has an aura. I Can see them. not every one’s is the same. Some people have bright auras while others have dim auras. There are also Diffrent colors, most humans auras semm to be white but i have come across some whose are other colors. most people with diffrent color auras seem to have something diffrent about them.


They are nothing more than eye strain with a good dose of power of suggestion. There is no scientific reason to think that they are real. Any and all attempts to detect or otherwise test the presence of an aura have failed.


yes, aura exists. it is also called energy or chakura. and all energy is, is the life force of a person. have you ever seen a picture of Jesus or an angel? You know the “halo” they have? that is the energy, chakura, aura, or life force…whatever you want to call it. if you stare at a person in the middle of their forehead for a few seconds, you will start to see it. this spot in the middle of a person’s head is called the third eye.
So in conclusion, yes aura exists, and you can see it. i wouldnt spend to much time listening to these finatics that think they know what they are talking about. i know. i see aura in every single person i see. i see these things. and all these colors and what-not and this deciphering of energy is all bullcrap. there is no meaning to color. i certainly hope i helped.


auras are like energy that surrounds a person or thing, i think it can be like different colors that surround an object. i’ve never seen them, but i’ve heard about them.
it’s also said that every living thing has an aura unless it is dead or about to die.

General D. Ypsilanti

Many scientific instruments read the electrical fields around the body.
The EKG, EEG, biofeedback all detect the energy which comprises
the aura.
Over the years, I have known several very sane people who admitted
to seeing auras regularly.


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