Sunday, September 26, 2021

What are athiests view on black magic?

What do atheists think of black magic such as the kabala and other demon / satanic rituals? Also, what do atheists call ‘demons’ ? For example in the Islamic faith they are called Jinn. I’m not to sure what the Christian or Jewish faith call them, maybe ghosts or spirits.
Ok i made a mistake with the Kabala thing relax your fucking balls. If you’re not going to answer the questions then shut the fuck up. Fucking ego maniacs


  1. I don’t think atheists have group or general view on anything other than the nonexistence of god. That is like asking, “What do Christians think about peaches?”

  2. 1. Magic isn’t real… Magic is just another form of delusion.
    2. Demons are “Magic” creatures, therefore they don’t exist outside of delusion.
    3. Kabala is, again, delusion, but not “Evil”.
    4. Jinn are nothing but creatures of delusion and imagination.
    5. Ghosts and Spirits are delusions, misidentifications, or some other mundane explanation or possibly just a natural animal/creature we have yet to document. Nothing ‘Magical’ about them.
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  3. Atheists don’t believe in the supernatural, for the most part, especially demons and such. Atheists usually believe that people who see demons are mentally ill. Atheists usually explain things in terms of science.
    Kabala is not black magic, it’s a sacred tradition in Judaism, please do your homework.

  4. Brilliant – As mentioned Kaballa is not black magic, an atheist would struggle to believe in an after life as that is point of being atheist hence no demons.
    Also being an atheist is not the same as belonging to an organized religion with a collective view, an atheist chooses not to believe in anything as there is an astounding lack of physical evidence to support any claim for any religion – so asking if atheists believe in demon’s is a ridiculous question as I am sure every atheist speaks for themselves and is not seduced by a collective way of thinking

  5. Atheists use the words demons and devil but not in a religious sense. I don’t use Science to explain devils because they don’t exists so there is no need to explain them. Religion is the tool of the mentally weak minded. It’s something for them to understand and control when they feel they have none. Why did my aunt Mildred die horrible in that car crash? [I say sarcastically] Oh, it must have been her time and god needed her for something better. Well ain’t that convenient. The funny odd thing is that most of the religious people I meet are the biggest jerks. It’s almost like they use religion as an excuse to be mean because they have convinced themselves that they are immune to “sin/regret”. If you confront them on it then they get defensive and start telling you how they go to church every Sunday and I don’t as if it is a justification for their bad attitude. They are two types of religious people out there those who are born into it which are usually very nice people, and those who choose is later in life out of desperation which are the weak insecure people that need it to feel like they have control. The details of the their beliefs are irrelevant really. Atheists also don’t call themselves Atheists because that is a religious word or ‘non believers’ because we believe in a lot of things. Both of those words/phrases are an example of religious egotism.

  6. The only characteristic that atheists share is a lack of belief in god so anything beyond that I am speaking for me personally and no other atheist.
    I do not believe in anything supernatural. I find the term itself useless and I consider it a bad practice to believe in anything that hasn’t proven or for which there is ZERO evidence to support. As such I do not believe in demons regardless of what you call them and I do not believe in Black Magic or any color magic for that matter. I do not believe in ghosts or spirits.
    I am a skeptic first and an atheist second.

  7. I do not know about all atheists, but I know such ideas as magic are absurd “gao pei” that has no real proof and is quite illogical as well. Gods, demons, spirits, angels, ghosts and devils do not exist, so I call them all “fantasy creatures”.


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