Home Discussion Forum What are Athiest to do about witchcraft possessing 15,000 children?

What are Athiest to do about witchcraft possessing 15,000 children?

In ONE state there are 15000 child witches possessed by the devil.
Why do atheist claim theres no ‘devil’ even though this happens?
The Churches can exorcize theses childrens and lead there souls to Jesus, but what does the Athiest promise?
Dawkins? Darwin? ‘Evolution’ can’t save these children…only God can save these children.


  1. Please provide empirical testable evidence to support your claim that it is even possible for the “devil” (please provide a positive ontology for this entity) to possess anyone.

  2. You know what’s funny? You take the time to research stupid articles about witchcraft, but you cannot even spell ATHEIST correctly.

  3. I don’t know about those witches you say are possessed by the devil (I don’t see how that’s possible, since devils don’t exist).
    What I do know is that you appear to be suffering from the latest mutation of the zombie sheeple flu, which attacks brain function, and which is becoming pandemic among evangelical and fundamentalist Christians. Best to see a REAL physician (not a quack exorcist).

  4. Sounds like a bunch of spazcases to me. 🙂 Or people who have a terrible allergic reaction to God. Lol He doesn’t exist.

  5. that was not witchcraft possession, that was human cruel idiocy at its finest.
    and no, you can`t exorcise thing that are not real, silly.
    atheists promise scientific cure for people like you, you know, those escapees from the cuckonest.
    Evolution could had saved these kids, unfortunately killing stupid people still is a crime, and if people like you and them were not too wrapped in crazy fantasies things for thsoe kids would had being a lot better too.

  6. Prove that they’re possessed by the devil first please.
    Because they’re not. How silly. Pretty ammusing article/question though, so presuming you’re a troll thanks for the lulz 🙂

  7. No actually, the church does NOT save them, it exploits them, and often these children are left brutally maimed or killed because of the words of this disgusting church. Gary Foxcroft (who I know as a casual acquaintance, and happens to be a good friend of a lot of my very close friends) has been working hard for a long time on the Stepping Stones charity, and is doing a lot of good for these children in the face of an extremely evil group of people passing themselves off as a religious group. So frankly f*ck you, a group of predominantly atheist people are saving the lives of children who are abused in the most horrific ways imaginable by religious evils, and you’re an idiot.


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