Home Discussion Forum What are all of the steps involved to create my own church?

What are all of the steps involved to create my own church?

I have searched around and finally created my own religion that works for me. I was just wondering what steps i would have to go through to establish my church and religion legally. My idea is to have my religion as well as -Baha’i -Buddhism -Christianity -Confucianism -Hinduism -Islam -Jainism -Judaism -Shinto -Sikhism -Taoism and -Zoroastrianism in the sam building were everyone works as one but can practice what they believe in.


  1. 1. find gullible people with money;
    2. get them to give you the money;
    3. build your starter church
    4. convince them that god wants them to “save” other people (preferably with money) and bring them into your church;
    5. take their money;
    6. build your mega-church;
    7. start a Cable TV show on CTN and beg for money;
    8. buy your mansion and lear jet

  2. Assuming you’re in the US …
    If you just want to assemble a bunch of people together and preach at them, no formal process at all is involved. Anybody can speak to a crowd without having a license or permit.
    If you want to actually collect and spend money and not get hit by the IRS, you’ll need to apply for tax-exempt status. Not too hard to do; because of the First Amendment, the government can’t make fine distinctions on what’s a “real” church or not. Even if your church is devoted to Furby-worship, the IRS will recognize it as tax-exempt (provided you’re not engaged in actual fraud, etc.)
    If you want to marry people, you’ll need to be recognized by whatever state you live in. Requirements vary, and your county court clerk can probably point you in the right direction. Also, look up the Universal Life Church on the Internet; a lot of “solo preachers” have got their credentials through them.

  3. In tune with the times , float a public limited company of churches , mosques and temples .It is the best business in the world for eternity. Why not we think of leaving the people in peace and amity! Once we put all these people together in one place we will provide plenty of opportunity to fight and kill.Even people of one faith put together fight for supremacy .What will be the case of people of different faiths put together .Foxes and fowls , tigers and deers can not be grouped together

  4. Haha, you are actually creating a fusion of every religion.
    A new religion must have originality, that means you are not suppose to take believe or practices from other religion.


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