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what are Albert Einstein View on Gravity ?

i only know about gravity that it attract the things towards it
if i will fall an apple,it will come on earth due to gravity
what was albert einstein views on gravity ?
please explain me in most simple manner with examples


  1. Oh, man. That’s.. that’s a hard request to fulfill. Einstein’s view was very complex. It’s well and far beyond the knowledge of most people on this board. Hell, even I’m shakey on it, and I could write papers on the subject.
    Just telling you so you’ll know; there’s a lot to study to get up to that point.
    To give a short (and somewhat meaingless bit), after observing that light seems to have a constant speed in a vacuum, Einstein devised special relativity, and then general relativity. In these models, gravity is a force which warps space and time.
    “Special” relativity is means that it’s a special case. Like.. if I asked you, how many liters of soda are in a bottle? You could say, “In the special case that it’s a 2-liter bottle with the volume printed on it, it’s 2 liters”. That’s a special answer, not a general one, since it only applies to certain, special cases. A general answer would be much more complex, accounting for many more cases. In the same way, special relativity isn’t that hard to understand, but general relativity is considered to be an advanced subject.

  2. imagine a trampoline, and when you put on object on it the trampoline is warped, and things are attracted to that object..simple huh,,now just imagine this trampoline effect in 360 degrees,,,there ya have it bud…

  3. He thought gravity was a good thing. He liked it.
    He hated his wienerschnitzel floating off.
    TENKO- Hawkwind. Like it.

  4. He had a long mustache which was yellow
    I dont believe he ever had a girl
    One thing he missed out in his theory
    of time and space and relativity
    was something that made it very clear he was
    never score like you and me.
    He dont know about Quark, strangeness and charm

  5. The answer already given which mentions the soda bottle etc is a good one, covering the important points aobut Einsteins views/theories.
    I recall reading that Einstein was the first to theorize that gravity was not a force in itself, rather a reaction of warped spacetime.
    The trampoline example is the simplest (and best) to understand, although I used to always wonder how something as heavy as a planet could just ‘float’ in space!!

  6. Imagine you are in a magic elevator which is on the ground on earth. The elevator has no windows, but you have some bathroom scales with you. You weigh yourself and find you weigh 9.8 Newtons per kilogram. “Good” you think, “I must be on earth because I am experiencing earth’s gravity”.
    Now suppose your magic elevator is in deep space (so far from any galaxy that gravity is almost zero) but it has silent thrusters causing it to accelarate at 9.8 m/s^2. You get on your scales and find you weigh 9.8 Newtons per kilogram. “Good”, you think “I must be on earth because I am experiencing earth’s gravity”!
    Einstein says that if you can’t see out of your elevator you cannot tell the difference between gravity and acceleration. Therefore gravity and accelleration must be the same thing.
    Newton says “An object remains at rest or continues with uniform motion a straight line unless acted on by a force. Gravity causes force to act on a massive object, so a free falling object in a gravitational field will not remain at rest or continue with uniform motion in a straight line”
    Einstein says “But since we can’t tell the difference between “gravity” and accelleration, there’s no such thing as “gravity”, so an unaccellerated object will continue with uniform motion a straight line irrespective of what you call gravity.”
    Newton says, “But that’s not what happens when close to a massive planet like earth”
    Einstein says “In that case, I will have to redefine what is meant “straight line” in my theory. A planet like earth warps spacetime so that an unaccelerated object continues on a straight line (called a geodesic) in warped specetime, even though it appears not to be following your idea of a straitght line in flat space”.


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