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What are additional negative side effects of alcohol when mixed with energy drinks?

This applies specifically to vodka.


  1. Death – the caffiene and alcohol can stop your heart. A bar where my boyfriend used to live has stopped selling any redbull drink because this happened to someone there.

  2. Alcohol is a depressant whereas energy drinks act as a stimulant, two conflicting drugs. The effect on your heart is a succession of increased and descreased heart rate which simply means extra stress on your heart without the benefit of actual exercise. Consuming the two drugs at the same time is not instant death but treat it as you would a plate of chips; have it in moderation. If you are out drinking limit yourself to one energy drink then move on to something else.
    Edit: JH, they still sell cigarettes in the shop near my house…

  3. u get drunk and have a good time
    i love it
    i dont think it could be that bad, they serve it at all the pubs and clubs round here so..
    go for it, have a good time 🙂

  4. You might end up drinking more alcohol than you normally would and more importantly, MORE THAN YOU CAN HANDLE. you wont really feel tired after you drink too much alcohol bc of the energy drinks, so you’ll keep drinking. in moderation, you’ll probably be fine, but i wouldnt do more than 1 energy drink.


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