What are 5 reasons not to believe in astrology?






It’s exciting to think that you know what what your future will be like, but I don’t want astrology influencing my way of thinking any more. So please, give me some good reasons not to believe.


  1. 1.) It can be somewhat true for one person and completely off for the next.
    2.) The compatibility thing can be wrong many times. I’ve seen Taurus and Gemini, Virgo and Aries work – when Scorpio and Pisces was a disaster.
    4.) Each person has their own brain and mind of their own…
    5.) How can space determine the way one feels, and thinks?
    I only think of it as entertainment. xD

  2. I’ve been considering the same thing because its just escalating to craziness
    but i guess some reasons would be
    you may become so obsessed with zodiac signs that you choose
    it kind of makes you feel like you have no free will
    everytime i start talking about zodiac with my friends i say whatever outloud and i realize that i sound like a freak thats going to grow old with a bunch of cats and burning wack candles everywhere lol
    astrology is good to a certain extent, if you let it run your life its kind of dumb
    i dunno they arent really reasons but its just my thought on it

  3. 1. disappointment – for example… if you have venus in 1st house… you expected someone you like to show up, but no, it is somebody else you don’t care for entered your life. It really pissed me off… I had to reject him coldly.
    2. you have no control over your life… things will happened anyway… whether you like it or not.
    3. Astrology can be cruel… for example… Mars was in my 3rd house, my mail was missing or arguing with someone who probably didn’t mail me anything.
    4. It is like a spoiler… making your life boring… you already know what will happened.
    5. you get very addicted to it. won’t go anywhere without reading astrology first.

  4. 1) First of all, it’s a Tool, NOT a belief. People shouldn’t worship a hammer. They should use it to lay in nails. It serves it’s purpose by helping to lay in nails. Astrology should be used in the same way, a guide to life, NOT a fact finding mission to solve situations.
    2) We make decisions on our own everyday without the help of outside forces. Consulting Astrology on every single action is time consuming and unnecessary. Use your mind and how you feel about things to guide you.
    3) Intuition is WAY more accurate than astrology. Learn how to focus the mind and train it to see ahead of itself. We all have that ability. Fine Tune it.

  5. 1. Astrology does no better than random chance or guessing.
    2. No evidence that it does what it claims. No statistical support. Totally belief based.
    3. It is bigoted and falsely stereotypes people. Making astrology akin to racism and sexism.
    4. Wanting others to choose your relationships and telling how to live your life, has no logic and reason. Unless you can’t handle reality.
    5. Humans are not computers. We are not programed from birth and not guided by rocks and balls of gases millions of miles away.

  6. 1) I know a Gemini and Cancer who have been together for 20 years.
    PS: Their my Aunt and Uncle.
    2) People are only 100% like their signs because they get hyptnotized.
    3) It can sometimes can be illogical because planets millions of miles away don’t always rule you emotionally and physically. Earth has way more effect on humans than all those stars & planets.
    4) There is like 12 signs and atleast 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 people who live or have lived on earth. Not everyone who has the same sign is exactly alike.
    5) Compatibilities, physics, tarot cards, and news paper horoscopes are all garbage. Don’t believe everything about astrology.

  7. You can not just be judge by the day you were born. Everyone develops their own personality on their own not because they were born in September or July, etc.!!!!

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