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What are 10 questions I could ask a Wiccan about their belief?

I am doing a final on religions and I need 10 questions to ask a Wiccan about their belief. I am having a little bit of trouble so I was wondering if you guys could help me out. Thank you greatly! 🙂


  1. Ask about how they practice their religion.
    Edit: Las Julius- Wicca is a kinder religion, by far, than the one you’re practicing.

  2. 1. Why do wiccans think its real? its only t.v.
    2. are you that retarded to waste your time on chanting spells
    3. wtf is wiccan
    4. i have no clue what im talking about
    5. who is your leader

  3. What made you choose to be Wiccan?
    How did this religion begin?
    Why can only adults join?
    What is the purpose of casting spells?
    What is the purpose of the alter?
    Do you have to join a coven?
    If you need anymore just let me know 🙂

  4. 1)What different sects are there in Wicca?
    2)Is Gerald B. Gardner their Prophet(as he is the founder of the religion)?
    3)How does Wicca compare to other religions which practice witchcraft?
    4)What are the different Wiccan holidays?
    5)What is the Sacred Scripture of Wicca?
    6)What do Wiccans who do not practice witchcraft, do?
    7)How do Wiccans view blasphemy against their deities?
    8)What do Wiccans believe the Afterlife is like?
    9)Is it possible to be Wiccan & another religion at the same time?
    10)Is it possible to be Wiccan & an atheist at the same time?

  5. Why do you worship satan?
    Isn’t it wrong to sacrifice animals?
    Don’t you worry you’ll go to hell?
    …are examples of questions they really really don’t like.
    Instead try;
    Is the green man similar to the maize/corn god of south america?
    Why are the phases of the moon, and the solar seasons so important?
    What is the symbolism of colours and why?

  6. 1. How long have you been practicing Wicca?
    2. What tradition, if any, do you belong to?
    3. Do you consider yourself a traditional Wiccan or not?
    4. Do you practice with a group or are you a solitary practitioner?
    5. How prevalent do you find misinformation about Wicca to be?
    6. What, in your mind, is the biggest source of misinformation about Wicca?
    7. How has Wicca changed, if at all, from when you began?
    8. What changes do you feel Wicca has made in your life?
    9. On the occasions when you encounter hateful intolerance about your religion, what do you do to remain upbeat, assuming you’ve had this experience?
    10. What large and/or national Wiccan groups do you belong to, if any?

  7. Could be anything. Wicca as a whole is more practical ritualism than belief. There is no dogma about the Gods…you are honor bound to serve them, not to believe in them. There is no dogma about the afterlife, or what is right and wrong. Wiccans are charged to figure all that stuff out for themselves. That said, groups of Wiccans (covens) tend to gel over sympathetic beliefs. Here are some questions I ask applicants to my coven:
    What is your preferred method of divination?
    What god/s do you feel a particular affinity for?
    Do you work with a “totem” animal or familiar spirit?
    Do you prefer to work with an athame, a wand, or your hands?
    What are your feelings on Blood Magic?
    What are your feelings on Sex Magic?
    What is your preferred method of healing?
    Explain the Witches Pyramid in your own words.
    Explain the Rule of three in your own words.
    Explain the Wiccan Rede in your own words.
    Describe the Lord and Lady as you have experienced this energy.
    Do you have a “favorite” Sabbat? Which one and why?
    Describe your typical Esbat (solitary/working partners)
    One of my current covenors today described our application as “hellatious”. This is only a sampling! LOL!

  8. 1. What are your beliefs about the afterlife?
    2. What type of Wiccan are you?
    3. Do you have a patron or matron deity?
    4. What made you decide to be a Wiccan?
    5. What is your favorite Sabbat or Esabat?
    6. How does spell casting play are part in your religion?
    7. What is a book of shadows? Do you have one? What is included in it?
    8. Are you a solitary Wiccan or do you practice w/ a coven, circle or grove?
    9. Are you interested in any forms of divination. Ie: tarot cards or palm reading.
    10. What are some challenges you’ve had to face as a Wiccan?

  9. If they believe the goddess and the god are one or separate.
    What is your opinion on psychic ability?
    how do you think all religions relate to each other?
    have fun!!!!!!!! they’ll love answering your questions!!!!!

  10. 1) How did you first discover Wicca?
    2) Why did you choose to become Wiccan?
    3) What are the core tenets of Wicca?
    4) What do Wiccans believe about God?
    5) What do Wiccans believe about life after death?
    6) What is the role of magic in Wicca.
    7) How is your religion incorporated into your life?
    8) Are any of the rumors true about Wicca being devil worship or evil?
    9) Do you think Wicca is misunderstood by most people? And if you do, how so?
    10) What would you like people to understand about Wicca?

  11. what type of magic do you prefer black or white?
    do you pratice black or white magic
    is it hard or easy to cast spells
    whats one spell that backfired on you..what happened
    whats your most favorite spell to use
    what does wiccan/witchcraft mean to you
    are wiccans like anything from the movei “The Craft”
    how are they alike and how are they similar
    can you pratice black and white magic
    is it hard praticing both black and white
    what does the times 3 rule mean to you has it ever happened to you if so what did you do and what happened

    • We dont do all do spells some wiccans do and some dont its depends on the coven your in or if your a solitary wiccan like myself I for one dont use spells like black or white magick and the the craft is nothing like it I mean some of the rituals are similar but we dont deal with devil work that is completely a lie wiccans rely on nature and earth bound objects I dont know any wiccans who have used spells that backfired but if they did then it back on themselves self as the 3 times fold rule meaning that whatever energy a person puts out into the world be it positive or negative will be returned to that person three times and other will focus on white magic more than black but I have yet to meet another who practice both I hope these answred your questions


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