What animals or life do you think lack consciousness?

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What animals or life do you think lack consciousness.
Not conscience. I’m talking abour conscious awareness.
No necessarily self-aware. Does an ant have a consciousness. It must have some perceptions to be able to move intelligently around the earth.
Trees are probably not conscious. I think we can all agree on that.

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That Canadian Guyâ„¢

An unconscious animal…

Ryan P

I think any breathing creature has a conscious mind, at least in a sense.


Trees. Spoiled kids.

Patrick D

I’m assuming you mean self-aware. In that case: all plants, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and some smaller insects as far as I know.

Devin V

i think cats lack consciousness


i think the term “consciousness” is extremely ambiguous. there’s no right way to define it. to give some examples, human consciousness is very, very different from lion consciousness, and dog consciousness has nothing to do with lobster consciousness. deep-sea anglerfish consciousness is quite different from chameleon consciousness. and so on.
so the question is, conscious in what sense? as in “self-aware, aware that the self is separate from all else”? because some creatures might be self-aware in a completely different way. some of them might not even make a distinction between their body and other objects. i’m sure that there are many “conscious” marine creatures out there, most of them probably microscopic, who feel as though the ocean itself is a part of their body, and is in no way separate from them.
i think, in one way or another, all lifeforms are conscious. they have to be, in order to compete to survive, either for territory, food supply, or mating rights. it’s a vital primordial tool that just might even be the fuel of evolution itself. it might actually be that consciousness itself is the catalyst that sets all of natural selection as we know it in motion.

victor 444

They all have some level of consciousness, some stronger than others. The ability to change their environment and make more decisions defines a level of consciousness.


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G There is no barrier between the animate and inanimate. The mind happens is the person. The person is made up of elements from stars explosions. When is an atom of iron part of the mind process and is it still part of sentience when no longer in a living human?

jeannie kathleen@

Rocks and amoebas in addition..

Universal Love/Truth>Peace

Many studies on ambiotic relationships between small animals and plants have shown that living things do have a kind of intelligence or consciousness. Even the tiniest of microbes, bacteria, viruses. And we know that some plants will react when touched, or when affected by sunshine or the weather. So we can say that all forms of life have consciousness.That goes for trees or the roots of some desert plants, which grow towards each other and try to strangle each other in order to survive.


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