What am I?my friends think im a vampire?

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by Sakora:

OK so some of my friends keep on telling me that im a vampire and theyre dead serious. Its getting annoying so i kinda want to know if theyre right or not. Their reason for me being a vampire is because
I sleep for no more then 4 hours
I love the night
I cant go outside during the day without out sunglasses and even when i do the sun still kills my eyes
I like the taste of blood
I have weird cravings to bite something or for blood
I have bitten someone and it felt good(in my defense they attack me(sorta in a friendly way) and their arm was right in my face what else was i going to do?)
I can see when its dark
I can tell what people are thinking
I can hear some peoples thoughts
At night (when i do sleep) when i dream, those dreams do come true
Once when i looked at my self in the mirror the white part of my eyes were greenish(im not color blind and i have 20/10 vision which is better than 20/20)
I have extremly good vision 20/10
I have and extremly high matabolism(i pig out and lose weight lol)
I have extremly good hearing
I can smell the pizza delivery people when they get close to my house(I reallyy like pizza)
I have “vampire teeth” i have 4 extremly sharp pointy teeth
I heal extremly fast(sprained my ankle healed in 1 week-broke arm when i was 4, waited a week before i got surgery and during that week my armed healed and i only needed a cast for a couple weeks)
And i can feel some sort of energy coming from stuff when i put my hand near them
Also just a weird thing-when i wake up i often have cuts, scabs, bruises, ect that werent there when i fell asleep
btw i never read twilight or seen the movie so stop thinking that im obsessed with it or something
my friends just counted and says that i have 14 “vampire teeth” idk how thats possible though

Answer by johnny fettcakes
Sounds more like the characteristics of the common troll, or trollus regularis if you prefer the taxonomic classification.

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Al Ameer ( No 1 fan of NOUB )

yes your an evil vampire

Sam i am!

Haha your exactly like me! nah i don’t think your a vampire.


I think you’re a little too moved by Twilight.


The first two are not really odd. The third… Sensitivity to light? All blood related ones: some people actually are like that. Odd, but true. Most people can see in the dark to a point (eat your carrots!) You may be very sensitive to body language and it may give you a ‘psychic power’ (or you are a good guesser). Maybe you imagined the green. Some people have better vision than others. My brother eats the entire house and doesn’t gain an ounce. Okay, vampires don’t eat pizza… Everybody’s teeth are different. When they are needle sharp it’s evidence, otherwise, they’re called canines and are supposed to be sharp! So you heal fast. Be happy. Paranoia. You just don’t notice them or they begin to heal and become more pronounced. You need professional help if you believe you are a vampire.


Once again stop reading too much Twilight or if you cant help reading please don’t get it too much in your mind and get carried away by it. Your not a vampire.

pure a DɛαȽh ƝoȽɛ Fan,

No your just a hopeless human my friend

Jimbo and Edna's Love Child

No, you just sound like an idiot, and you need to grow up, but just for the sake of a running gag:




Your confused.


You wouldn’t believe how many people get only 3-5 hours of sleep eachday.
Lots of people love the night. I do.
My eyes are very sensitive to light because of dry eyes.
I like the taste of rusty copper too. You’ve most likely only tasted your blood.
Then go with your cravings.
You bit them to stand up for yourself, and it felt good to stand up for yourself for once.
I can see when its dark too. Many people can just not that good takes a couple minutes.
Being Psychic has nothing to deal with being a vampire.
Deja Vu.
Your eyes white can have a green tint, or a yellow tint.
Lots of people have great vision.
Whats high metabolism have to deal with being a vampire?
I have phenomenal hearing. LOTS OF PEOPLE HAVE GREAT HEARING.
You ate so much pizza in your life the pizza smell literally grew on you.
Vampires don’t have 4 sharp teeth. Thats like a bulldog, or troll.
You have healthy bones. Drink your milk. lol
Your just detecting tempature of a surface.
Last one. Some kinda of ghost is attacking you, and trying to kill you. Best bet? wear a cross at night.


It is possible but a craving for blood may be low iron levels. You display “psychic” abilities. I think that you should look up some websites.
ps. I like pizza too. 😉

Allitrya Hallows

its possible……..


Sometimes people get by with less sleep than that per night, and I think your parents would probably have said something if you only sleep 4 hours so I’m guessing that’s probably an exxageration
Loving the night is common for anyone and everyone…
Some people have sensitivity to light, my eyes are much less sensitive, it varies depending on the person there is no “normal” standard for a human
Well it’s sort of weird but not abnormal, I don’t mind the taste of my own blood (I bite my cheeks often… on accident most of the time haha)
Cravings for blood, if you have never drunk (not tasted I mean actual gulp swallow ingest) blood then you can’t really crave it, it’s just a phsycological thing…. if you or someone else tells you something enough times SOMETIMES your mind begins to believe it
A lot of people have way better night vision than most (again, it varies)
Oooh it feels good to bite someone… i agree…. I bite my pillows and stuff, but it isn’t because we’re a vampire… I think it’s maybe stress relieving, defensive, or.. whatever
I went through a period of a couple months where I thought that I could read peoples minds, and it turns out I’m just really really good at readin their expressions like subconcious twitches and eye muscles relaxing and stuff… plus your mind is AMAZING with imaginations….
Dreams coming true, eh I don’t think that’s actually true.
Light could affect that, my friend has a black line down her iris so it looks like her pupil is leaking, weird eye abnormalties are not sufficient evidence for being anything super natural.
Let me tell you, I weigh practically nothing… I eat like a PIG you wouldn’t believe… 4 plates of spaghetti in one sitting and I’m still ready for dessert… but don’t worry, it slows down eventually
I’ve got pretty drn good hearing too
There was a girl in my class in school who had practically razor sharp teeth, she used to bite people…. we called her vampire girl just when we were joking around, but I know her 8 years later… her teeth dulled down and she’s no vampire.
1 week of healing for a sprained ankle? I could beat that… There are different classes of sprained ankles. I broke my foot and was in a cast for a week…. healing fast varies as well
You probably didnt notice them before going to sleep, or your mind is playing tricks on you, or you did them to yourself in your sleep.
So basically, to summarize, none of this is out of the ordinary… and if it IS………. then it doesn’t even necessarily point to vampire. These “symptoms” could mean anything (if you believe i nthe supernatural) You could be a werewolf for all you know…. your friends are pretty dumb because if they think vampires exist, they are not considering that if you open that door you have to consider all other mythical creatures…………. but I’m pretty doggone sure you’re normal.


Definitely, but start by drinking animal blood and see how that goes. If you feel satisfied you are definitely a vampire. But just in case go into a Catholic church and ask to be touched by Holy water– if it burns that could be another sign. If you are, you must give you friends a stake and ask them to stab you through the heart. It is the best thing to do for the safety of the ones you love. Sorry pal.


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