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What am I doing wrong with my Tai Chi practice?

My teacher is excellent (I think). I reduced the intensity of my practice,postures, etc., but my knees and feet are getting absolutely trashed. I have been practicing for about 3 years now. I have been practicing 24, 42, tiger, and ba gua forms. I also practice qui gong. The internal arts worked miracles on my back, but they are destroying my knees and feet. I realize it must be me……..help please!


  1. If you have a good teacher this would surprise me, but I’ve always been told by my sifu that if your knees are hurting you need to:
    1. pay attention to your knee when you rotate, or step out, to insure that your knee & toe move at the same rate being continually lined up.
    2. make sure the knee doesn’t pass the toe when the knee is bent
    3. make sure you always slowly work into new techniques. Something like snake creeps low – if you are forcing it too fast??
    4. continually work on open your hips & push your knees out. If the knee doesn’t press out – it could be bending in which would cause pain in the knee joint.

  2. stepss got it right. Tai Chi is about whole body coordination and awareness. If your knee is hurting you, you must pay more attention to it while you are practicing the motions.
    You could also ask your teacher for advice instead of asking the community. That IS why he’s there-isn’t he. You could also take some yoga classes on other was to protect those knees.
    It could be from stressed muscles pulling on it, or it could be from a medical condition. Ask your teacher for help and if the problem persists I’d recommend seeing a massage therapist, or the like.

  3. Other than adding to what they said in previous posts (and I think they’re right- you’re instructor should be helping alignment more if that’s what’s bothering you)… Costco has a great liquid glucosamine that tastes like cherry cough syrup- I love it- try it, and you might feel a difference within a couple weeks… also, glucosamine pills… I also drink Knox gelatin in water- my doc says that might help my pain in the knee joints… I’m just rough on them though… I really like the liquid stuff…

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