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What all things a Man going to die should do and what all things he should not do ?

In the lime light of Karma and Jnana Doctrines, Paul’s and Gnostic versions of Bible, if the Q. is not clear enough not clear also see the following link
What do you think are those dos and don’ts ?


  1. He should enjoy himself to the max and he should not take anyone with him, unless it is his archnemesis or the person who doomed him.

  2. isnt that what we are all doing right now? we will all die eventually – my self i live by my morals – no one elses –

  3. 1. He should make sure He is right with God.
    2. He should make sure that His family will be taken care of.
    3. He should not question why he is dying, but give praise that he is going to be with his father in heaven.

  4. My advice…..and as a spiritualitst…mentor…..healer….I would work on my spirituality and getting to know the Almighty….that would be the first thing….
    Something I would not do?…..no more immoral things…
    That’s that…


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