What about the other planets in our system?

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Mercury is the Solar-Plexus chakra of our system.
Venus is the Heart-chakra. Earth is the Throat-Chakra.
Does anyone know, what do the other planets correlate as?

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They’re big rocks. That’s all.

that guy

uranus is the anal chakra point

Whoopi teh Whale

1st Chakra Saturn
2nd Chakra Pluto
3rd Chakra Sun and Mars
4th Chakra Venus
5th Chakra Mercury and Jupiter
6th Chakra Neptune
7th Chakra Uranus.

Shinigami (FAC)

They protect us from other catastrophes like rogue asteroids and comets. (with their gravitational field).
I do not know what their correlations are to the human chakra. This is a new idea to me.

No Chance Without Satan

I strongly suggest getting a book on chakras. there are the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus and base chakras.


I agree about Venus, but I would’ve thought that Mercury would be the throat chakra, being the messenger of the gods. And I would probably associate Mars with the solar plexus. I don’t really know though, I haven’t looked into what other people have said about it.
What source are you getting your information from? Do you have a link or anything?


The solar system we know which consists of nine planets may not be viewed today like the way the ancient did. In the days of Plato, Aristotle and other early astronomers, they thought our solar system consisted the whole universe. They know nothing about the Milky Way, our very home galaxy which has at least 200 million stars and much more they don’t know that the universe contain at least 50 billion galaxies the size of the Milky Way. In other words, the solar system is just a small dot in the whole wide universe! The stars we see are as big and as powerful to our own sun!


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