Home Discussion Forum What ability of the below is better to learn first...?

What ability of the below is better to learn first…?

Making a psi ball
Making a ki ball

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  1. Assuming it was possible to find someone to teach you such things, telekinesis seems the most likely starting point.
    All the others are essentially forms of, or variants on, telekinesis.
    As far as learning telekinesis goes, I have heard of a technique apparently employed by an order of monks in the Far East. This involves focussing on attempting to create a small ripple(s) in the surface of a glass of water with one’s hand above the glass – obviously without moving your hand.
    Whether they use the technique out of any belief that it can lead to the development of actual telekinetic skills or simply as a tool for focussing concentration I wouldn’t like to say.

  2. You really should be looking at illusionist tricks, not trying to perform real telekinetic acts.
    You see, telekinesis has never been done. If you could even move something microns, you could win a million dollars from James Randi on this website.
    There are a thousand reasons for anyone who could perform telekinesis to take this prize, even if they were already rich and didn’t want the money. This would be a chance to prove thier talent to the skeptics, change the attitude of scientists, and draw attention to human abilities that have gone largly unexplored.
    Since many famous psychics and telekinetics know about the prize and none have claimed it, I would say your quest is in vain.
    Even the famed Sylvia Browne would not prove her skills were real.

  3. I have a lot of experience with energy work. So I would recommend the place to start is by becoming really centered so you can feel you own energy flow. Also you will need to be able to concentrate really well, so that you can focus your thoughts and control your energy.
    I recommend meditating every day, as well as attending somethine like a yoga or tai chi class so that you can meet other people who can help you learn more about the energy that flows through humans. That is paramount to being able to control it.
    This is the starting place for all forms of energy work that you have listed.
    And I completely agree with one of the other contributors who suggested starting with a pendulum. Its an excellent way to try out your new skills, and gage how they develop.
    But for actual Psi-Balls, here’s what I suggest:
    In order to make an energy ball, cup your hands like you are holding a snowball. Imagine pure white light flowing out of your palm chakras. Watch as it pools between your hands. With practice you will begin to feel the air between your hands change ajnd become more warm and dense. Once it feels more solid, swiftly through it at the wall, and sense out the difference between before and after. If you have an open minded friend you could practice throwing them at each other and try to sense the difference.
    I hope that’s helpful

  4. How to Make a Psi Ball:http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Psi-Ball
    telekinesis(Telekinesis or Psychokinesis) is about the movement of energy from faster moving frequency to the physical level.
    Pyrokinesis= Pyrokinesis is a form of telekinesis in which a person uses his/her mind to control fire
    Cryokinesis=Cryokinesis is the ability to control the element of Ice
    you should start whith the psi balls,but that is my guess…

  5. The only thing I’ve heard of on your list is Telekinesis. And from what I’ve read, the best way to develop it is by focusing on something that can go round – like a watch or a compass. At least those are the easiest items to practice on.

  6. I know enough about these things to know that they have NEVER been demonstrated to exist, ever. Every time someone has been tested under controlled conditions, it was a failure.
    At this point, belief in these paranormal ideas can only be based on faith, misplaced trust in fanciful stories and unsubstantiated urban legends.

  7. Making energy balls are easy to do if you don’t have farther knowledge. The others are hard to achieve, you need to have talent in this special areas and it is dangerous to practice, you can burn or freeze your house! Try easier things like making energy balls, reading of a friends mind, connection with the deceived, astral projection…


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