Were you ever taught any kind of folk magick or beliefs?





I was taught Hoodoo by my Grandmother and Aunt. But other than that my magickal path is based mainly on British Traditional Craft Magick from Gardnerian and Alexandrian Training … so …
What’s your story?
Note: Magick is spelled right and so is Gardnerian. Stupid Yahoo! Spell Check. LOL


  1. One of my students turned out to be holder of his family’s tradition, from the Sib Djisovi Simenu, out of Dahomey, through Jamaica. He taught me the Teaching Spells, and worried me to do things “right” on all forms of magic, thus training me fairly well in the tradition.
    At the same time, I learned to work the Runes, which is associated with my Germanic blood, and labyrinths, which I associate with my French blood. Nothing seems to have come through the Irish blood.
    Note that I hold the family teachings for a black family, and I have no black blood in me.
    He was a trickster, and fooled all but death. I miss him.

  2. Yes. I learned some hoodoo while growing up, and also some various magickal practices, including chaos and ceremonial magick. Also some folk practices. However, a good bit of this information came from classmates at school and other friends, and not from my devoutly Christian family. Many of my friends carried mojo bags, knew how to use magickal oils, seals and powders, and practiced hoodoo.

  3. Yes, there is the dog wish.
    You kick a dog six times, spit on it, then make a wish, and the wish will come true if the dog was pregnant with six puppies at the time.

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