Were the earliest shaman-mystics or priest-prophets weather forcasters or astrologers/astronomers?





TWH 08222006
Religious animism and mythologies which thought of natural forces as gods or as controlled by gods was not the Q. My Q is more narrowly focused on the concerns of the first shamans or first priests who either began to prophecy by looking up to the distant stars or by interpreting the more immediate weather signs and conditions. I feel but can’t confirm that the more immediate realm was the first concern of the early shamans/priests because of the need to know if conditions to plant crops or begin a trip by land or a sea voyage were their first concerns. TWH 08302006


  1. neither and both. the earliest shaman as with the latest were revered by their clans/groups/tribes as being communicators with the spirits or gods of the tribe. they used rhythm along with natural opiates to thrust their consciousness in to the spirit world. they would ask for guidance, power to heal, knowledge of the weather, all kinds of different things. they still do all these things in ceratin areas of the world. the Maya still have shaman so do alot of cultures through india and indonesia.

  2. Either or both.
    Maybe they didn’t specialize in weather or astrology. Maybe they considered more what the gods were telling them about human lives, future events. It didn’t have always to do with the stars or the planets.

  3. they were called Sooth Sayers.. this is in the bible! They did Sun and star readings, and some read minds too! Jesus directed Joseph to the Sooth Sayers for Meaning of dreams.
    Jesus Said: He who helps not himself, why shalt God Or I help thee?

  4. They were all of the above and more. They were the doctors, artists, and spiritual guide of their people. Chief consulted them before big hunts or big moves for their group. They also kept the history of their people and told stories that would teach there people how to behave.

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